About Us

Saba Store ( Royal honey Doani honey natural 100 )

Confidence and experience

A technical staff with long experience and high-level efficiency is available to help you, respond to your inquiries and meet your requirements around the clock

Perfect prices

Saba Honey provides the best types of Yemeni honey at ideal prices for everyone

Import and Export

We provide export services for our products at the best prices and the finest services


We are committed to delivering the goods agreed upon at the right price and with high quality

Check Goods

Check goods that have been ordered and follow up on a timely basis until they reach the customer as soon as possible

Quality and warranty

Providing the required products with the highest quality with a guarantee for products of all kinds

Confidence and experience

We provides import and export services for others (any product from any country in the world) at the lowest cost and in the fastest possible time.

Quality and warranty

We have many contracts and trade relations with many factories that obtain international quality certification in various fields, including food, raw materials and medical supplies.

Experience and competence

We provides a large team with a high level of experience and efficiency is in the service of the customer and respond to all inquiries and we provide the service of checking the goods after purchase and follow-up until the arrival of the goods to the customer.