Agarwood essential oil and types of agarwood oil – oud attar

دهن العود - زيوت عطرية

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Agarwood essential oil and types of agarwood oil – oud attar

Agarwood Oil and pure oud oil :

Agarwood oil or oud oil is considered one of the essential oils that the oud oil extraction methods pure oud oil
from the wood of the agarwood after several stages. The first stage begins by cutting the agarwood trees.
Then, the second stage comes to grinding the wood oud so that it turns in the form of agarwood powder. After that, it comes the preparation and fermentation stage, which is using special equipment for the process. The milled agarwood wood cooker and finally the stage of obtaining raw agarwood oil comes.




oud oil perfume is exposed to the sun’s rays until the water droplets are evaporated from the agarwood oil. Thus, we get pure oud oil for sale and ready for the stage of selling oud oil perfume attar .

The components of pure oud essential oil agarwood may be used to obtain oud perfumes. They may be used in the manufacture of many types of men’s perfumes or types of women’s perfumes with wide use of arabic perfume oil in the Arab regions due to its aromatic and medicinal properties beneficial to the body.

It gives a wonderful sense of excellence and luxury as it is one of the rare oils Extracted from the wood of the agarwood trees. The longer the oud oil has been aged, the longer it ages, the higher its quality and stability.

It acquires a strong aroma, so it can be used as a fragrant because of its distinctive scent that lasts for a long time from 3 to 8 hours on the skin while it lasts for a long time on the clothes. It may last up to a whole day and within the following report will show you the best agarwood perfume for men and the best perfume oil for women, according to the best types of oil agarwood perfumes used.


Types of Agarwood oil ( oil attar ) :

Indian Oud Oil :


Indian oud oil is extracted from dense agarwood trees in the Indian region of Assam using ancient or modern methods  and is distinguished by being natural Indian oud oil 100 of fine fragrances the best types of natural oud oil that garners a lot of approval in the Gulf countries and East Asian countries.

The original always smells strong and fragrant and lasts for a long time on the body and clothes and it is considered one of the most expensive oud types of oud oil and that is because people rushed to buy it, and we will show you the best types of Indian agarwood essential oil .



Types of Indian Agarwood Oil

base note  Description of Indian agarwood oudh

Moataq Indian Oil Agarwood

Moataq Indian Agarwood oil, which is left over for a period of time, to improve its quality. It is considered an antique Agarwood oil and the best type of agarwood oil.

Royal Indian Oil Agarwood

Royal Oud oil, which is considered one of the most luxurious types of Indian oud oil, which is an attractive oud oil. It is considered an ancient Indian oud oil.

Assam Indian Oil Agarwood

The name is attributed to the Assam forests. The oldest forest in agarwood extraction.

Oud Indian Sioufi Oil Agarwood

A luxurious Sioufi oil, which is a unique fragrance that will make you fall in love with the smell of oriental agarwood oil extracted from the finest types of Sioufi oud.

An Indian kiara Oil Agarwood

Kiara oud oil is extracted from the rarest types of oud. Kiara trees that have an elegant scent that combines blossom and honey.

Pure Indian Agarwood Oil

100% pure Indian agarwood oil, meaning that it is pure agarwood oil without any additives or diluents.

Torabi Indian Agarwood Oil

Original Oud Oil The designation of oud oil is related to its color close to the color of soil and the method of extraction

Kalakasi Indian Agarwood Oil

Kalakasi Indian agarwood oil is considered the best fragrant agarwood oil. It is considered to be a very old classic agarwood oil and the best oud oil for men.


Cambodian Oil Agarwood :

Luxurious Cambodian agarwood oil is one of the finest types of oud oil extracted from Cambodian agarwood trees.

oud cambodi is no less important than the Indian oud because it is distinguished by the weight and durability of the oud crumb.

It is one of the most famous pure natural ouds in the Arab Gulf countries, especially if the original Cambodian agarwood oil is extracted in a traditional way to produce it Pure agarwood oil is excellent with a unique scent with high stability.

It is the best type of luxurious agarwood oil after applying Indian agarwood and a name associated with the royal use of excellent agarwood paint.

Use Cambodian oud perfume during your day to perfume and to scent your home fragrances with the scent of the best Cambodian agarwood.

Enjoy the smell of luxurious Cambodian agarwood and from the best types of Cambodian oud oil that are preferred for its long-lasting scent.


Types of Cambodian Agarwood oil

Description of Cambodian oud attar oil

Kalkasi Cambodian Agarwood Oil

Oud Kalakasi is rare, it is considered the best fragrant agarwood oil and the best agarwood oil for men. It is characterized by the sweet smell. It is one of the best types of oud and the most expensive.

An antique Cambodian Agarwood oil

The antique Cambodian agarwood oil is extracted from the finest types of Cambodian agarwood. It is characterized by being the best pure Cambodian agarwood oil with a strong and stable scent on the body and clothes.

Cambodian Cocoon Agarwood

Aged Cocoon Oud oil is one of the rare types of oud extracted from Cocoon forests, with a very luxurious quality and a distinctive sweetheart, beautiful and calm scent.

Cambodian super oil Agarwood

Cambodian super agarwood oil is a promotional name for companies that sell agarwood.

He painted an old Cambodian Agarwood

The old Cambodian Agarwood oil is characterized by an incense-like consistency, its aroma lasts for a long time. It is the most expensive type of Cambodian oud oil and competes with the old Cambodian.


Laotian Oil Agarwood :

Laotian agarwood oil is luxurious, one of the best types of natural oud oil. Agarwood oil is extracted from the forests of the country of Laos, located in Southeast Asia.

Its fragrance spreads in a larger area compared to other types of oud oil. The Laotian Agarwood is rich due to its high price, rarity, luxury, and the greatness of Agarwood.



Types of Laotian agarwood oil

Description of Laotian agarwood oil

Laotian agarwood oil VIP

VIP Laotian agarwood oil is distinguished by that it is an ancient and antique natural oud oil, which is distinguished in it that it was cooked using the ancient method. It is distinguished by its beautiful and very sweet smell, and it is an oud for sale that is popular with the elderly in particular.

Agarwood Laosi Oil Super

Laotian super oud oil is a promotional name for companies that sell ouds.

Laosi Pure agarwood oil

Laotian pure oud oil is one of the Laotian oud oils that is left for a period of time to improve its quality.

Laosi agarwood oil Fuso

Agarwood oil Laosi Fuso is considered one of the most luxurious types of agarwood oil. This type of oud oil attracts the admiration of many consumers.

Malaysian agarwood Oil :

Malaysian agarwood oud is one of the species that produce agarwood oil and fragrance oils .

Malaysian agarwood oil is characterized by a special smell that is distinctive and known to lovers of agarwood oil.

The Malaysian agarwood oil is strong-smelling and dark black in color and is produced from specialized factories in the regions (Malakah, Sabah and Penang). Several types, including raw oud oil, pure oud oil, pure agarwood oil, and regular agarwood oil, which are distinguished by a long stability ratio. They are types of Malaysian agarwood oil.


Types of Malaysian agarwood oil

Description of Malaysian agarwood oil

A luxurious Malaysian agarwood oil

A luxurious agarwood oil is one of the types of oud oil, which is a commercial name for this type for promotion. It is a medium-grade agarwood oil of excellent quality.

Pure Malaysian agarwood Oil

Pure Malaysian oud oil called by this name because it is sold pure without any dilution. It is always the first output for agarwood oil in factories.

Malaysian Sioufi agarwood Oil

agarwood Sioufi oil is extracted from the Malaysian Sioufi agarwood trees. It is distinguished by its beautiful scent that lasts on the body and clothes for a long time.

Moataq Malaysian agarwood Oil

The most beautiful Moataq agarwood oil, which is the type that is left for a period of time, starting from the year and above, to be emancipated. Its smell and color will be stronger.


Burmese oud oil :

A luxurious Burmese agarwood oil is extracted from the finest ancient Burmese forests of agarwood trees. What distinguishes the rare Burmese agarwood oil is its long stability and pungent smell that is unique to the rest of the types of agarwood oil.

Burmese agarwood lovers flock to buy it in the Arab countries from the Arab markets for oud a great deal, which is of high quality and uniqueness and a pleasant long-lasting scent that distinguished it from the rest of agarwood oil and made it preferred by both males and females at the same time agarwood. The Burmese agarwood oil perfume scent from heaven.


Types of Burmese Agarwood oil Description of Burmese agarwood oil
Moattaq Burmese Agarwood Oil Burmese Moattaq agarwood oil is considered one of the best types of Burmese agarwood oil. It has a strong, fragrant aroma, and its stability on textiles and on the body for a long time and is rarely available in the Arab markets for agarwood.
An ancient Burmese Agarwood oil The old Burmese agarwood oil is one of the most beautiful and luxurious oi. It is of high quality, uniqueness and a pleasant long-lasting smell that distinguishes it from other types of agarwood oil.


Thailand agarwood oil :

Luxurious Thailand agarwood oil extracted from the natural Thai agarwood trees, which are located in the country of Thailand. It is always characterized by a light color and a pleasant smell and with a good degree of stability on clothes and skin.

Agarwood in the world and it has many factories to extract the best types of Thai agarwood oil. The prices of Thai oud oil are cheap and affordable for everyone compared to its high quality and Thai oud has different types, including:


Types of Thai oud oil

Description of Thai oud oil

Pure Agarwood Parchin

There are two types of Parchin oil (ordinary brushes paint and wood brushes paint). Regular Parchin oil is produced in factories using the modern method. As for wood brushes, it is produced in the traditional way using firewood. Wood oil is usually the best.

Trat Agarwood oil

Trat Oud oil the name “oil agarwood Trat al-Hatab” is related to the Trad region in Thailand.

Thailand royal Agarwood oil

A luxurious Thai royal Agarwood oil is one of the best types of Agarwood oil in Thailand. In Thailand, the name “Royal Agarwood Oil” is usually given to the finest types of oil.

Thailand steamed Agarwood oil

The luxurious Agarwood oil is a beautiful smell because of its smell close to the smell of Thai incense.


Blue agarwood Oil :

Blue agarwood oil is one of the most luxurious types of fragrance oils oil and the most expensive agarwood oil in the world. It has a good and strong smell and high stability.

The scent lasts for more than a week on clothes and many are considered to be Amiri agarwood oil because of the high price of the original oud oil, which only the princes and sheikhs can buy.

The blue agarwood is one of the finest and best types of the blue agarwood in the world and the highest price, it is the title of luxury and luxury exclusively for agarwood lovers. As for the blue aged agarwood oil, it is considered one of the rare treasures of agarwood.


Sioufi agarwood Oil :

Sioufi agarwood oil is one of the finest types of the famous agarwood oil. The name Sioufi agarwood oil refers to the oud wood that is extracted and manufactured from, which is the pieces of Sioufi agarwood wood extracted from the Sioufi oud trees. It is considered a symbol of richness and high status. The Sioufi agarwood oil is found in different types. Some of which are mixed with a group of other types of agarwood oil. The best of which is the best, but the original natural agarwood oil, which is an aged Sioufi agarwood oil, is because the Sioufi oud oil is left for certain periods in order to keep its smell and become more Stability and this type is called aged Sioufi agarwood oil.


Trabi agarwood Oil :

Luxurious, earthy agarwood oil is the oldest type of agarwood oil in the world. Its production has become limited recently due to the high cost of producing concentrated agarwood (a very heavy fat, a strong focus), which makes you fascinated by it.

It has the advantage of being the king of all oils, and the best of agarwood oil is the concentration. The strength of the smell, and the stability for those who love the aromatic smell and the stability of the shemagh and clothes.


Vietnamese agarwood oil :

A luxurious Vietnamese agarwood oil is one of the best types of oud oil extracted from the royal vietnamese oud trees in the state of Vietnam. In the production of some medical drugs.

It is also used in high-end massage shops. The luxurious Vietnamese agarwood is characterized by the production of many types of agarwood oil. The most important and best of which is a Vietnamese aged agarwood oil, which is considered one of the oldest and rarest types of oud oil in the world. a strong wear time on the body and clothes.


Marouki agarwood oil :

Pure Murouki agarwood oil is luxurious with the smell of distinctive natural incense. It is considered one of the best and finest types of Indonesian agarwood oil (Muruki), where the wealthy, princes and Arab sheikhs flock to it, which is extracted Muruki agarwood from  Meruki region in eastern Indonesia.  the price of agarwood oil is suitable for everyone.


Clementines agarwood oil :

Agarwood oil Clementan is a luxurious. Agarwood lovers are considered from the best of agarwood. agarwood oil One of the best types of clementine agarwood oil that is in great demand in the Arab Gulf markets is the old Malino oud oil, which is characterized by the flavor of sweet and old aromatic Malino incense. Clementine agarwood oil is a luxurious and old agarwood oil, with excellent smells, long and excellent smell stability.


Green agarwood oil :

An Indonesian luxurious green agarwood oil with a unique scent of nature’s fragrance is considered one of the oldest and best agarwood oil in East Asia. The characteristics of the green agarwood oil are that its scent combines the fragrance of nature and the originality of the present. It is considered a mixture of the Indonesian green agarwood oil. The oriental smells that made it harmonious with a magical scent that exceeds all tastes. Indonesian green agarwood is widely used in official and religious occasions.


Al-Shams agarwood mixture :

agarwood al-Shams oil is one of the most beautiful oriental perfumes, which is used by men and women. The mixture of agarwood al-Shams is a mixture of oud wood, sandalwood, roses and flowers. Its scent is a beautiful fragrance that enters the depths of the soul, sending joy, happiness and convergence between spirits.


The way to wear the perfume by applying agarwood :

The best way to wear agarwood oil is in order to preserve the smell of the oil for as long as possible. Also, for the smell of agarwood oil to be fragrant when you are in a place, so you should therefore:

  • It is preferable to put a little agarwood oil on the wrist. be massaged with the thumb until it covers the entire wrist area. After which the area between the ears and the neck is massaged with the remaining fat on your finger.
  • It is nice to put a drop of agarwood oil on the palm of your hand and then rub your hands softly. Wipe it on the area between the border of the hair and the neck.
  • When you put a little agarwood oil on accessories such as rings and watches. It makes the smell of agarwood oil last longer.
  • The duration of the fixation of agarwood oil on the clothes may reach from two to 4 days. On the body the period of fixation of the oud oil will be from 5 to 9 hours. This depends on the quality of agarwood

Benefits of fragrance oils Oud oil :

After we have explained to you the types of agarwood oil. The best types of agarwood oil perfumes.
We will show you the most important benefits of agarwood oil (agarwood perfume)

  • pure oudh itr On the human body and in the manufacture of medicinal medicines that help treat many diseases, and in cosmetics.
  • oil itr Calms the nerves and the soul. Gives the person a sense of comfort and a sense of reassurance.
  • agar wood natural perfumery Helps relieve anxiety, calm nerves and fight depression.
  • fragrance oils perfume It is used as a calming of tight muscles and calms the mind. Thus, the person maintains a good state of mind.
  • It stimulates blood circulation and improves its work. Gives the body more activity and vitality.
  • fragrance oils oud attar is included in many medical treatments. It has properties that make it an effective option in treating some health problems.
  • It increases self-confidence and enjoy better chances of success.


How to differentiate between natural agarwood oil and industrial agarwood oil?

pure agarwood oud essential oil It is not easy to detect or know the natural agarwood oil from the synthetic agarwood oil without having previous experience or having, prior knowledge of oud attar.

You can differentiate between natural and synthetic agarwood oil attar through the smell and experience and, not trusting the results of the water cup, It is an incorrect method.

The test for agarwood oil oud pure is not correct, You have to do the experiment using one of the cheap and medium types of agarwood oil and test it and you will know the result yourself, which is (all you have to do is put a drop of oud oil in a cup of water. If the point disappears in the water, this indicates the quality of the oud oil. If it floats on me) The surface of the water, this indicates that this agarwood is adulterated.) We do not recommend it to reveal the quality of agarwood oil, but


we will give you some advice that will help you in this area:

  • fragrance oils Going to the laboratories to make sure that the oud oil is natural.
  • Consulting with experience to know that agarwood oud attar is not mixed or synthetic.
  • Prior knowledge of the scents of the types of agarwood oil and other fats or oils that are used in mixing agarwood
  • Trader Trust: What is meant is the merchant who combines honesty and prior experience in the field of oud and agarwood oil.


Methods of cheating in agarwood oil :

  • The buyer may be exposed to cheating on Oud oil by means of false designation. It is not, in fact, the named type.
  • Mixing poor types of agarwood oil with excellent agarwood oudh in specific proportions. In the end the name of the most expensive and best type is given.
  • Deer musk dissolved in cotton or almond oil to fix the smell to last for long periods. This reduces the concentration of oud.


The most important advice before buying agarwood and agarwood oil :

When you buy agarwood oil, you have to test the durability of its scent, for the excellent quality oud oil lasts for a long time.

It is preferred when testing the strength of the scent on the body and placing it behind the ear in many times. About love and appreciation for your parents.

If you are lady, you are looking for the best male fragrance oils agarwood oil to gift your father or your husband with, or you will surely choose the type of what we mentioned previously.

 Also, can offer to your loved ones all that you have to do when you want to shop or buy the best types of agarwood, agarwood oil and perfumes.

The most beautiful oud perfumes you can find with us at the best prices. Discover all new with AL Mohit oudh wood Company and agarwood oil.

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