Incense – The best types of agarwood incense and incense sticks bakhoor

البخور - incense

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Incense – The best types of agarwood incense and incense sticks bakhoor

What is the incense of agarwood or bakhoor ?


Incense or incense sticks is a mixture of a variety of incense agarwood and many different types of oud are mixed and grinded with each other to be produced in the form of a fragrant powder with a beautiful and distinct aromatic scent. The types of oud incense extracted from incense bakhoor are found throughout the entire world, where it is fumigated on all occasions Public and religious.

البخور - incense
oud-incense | incense sticks


There are also various mixtures prepared from Oud incense agarwood in all regions of the world with different shapes. Each region has its own mixture that distinguishes it from others. The names of incense and oud differ. They are called the region in which they were produced.

The incense of oud has always been one of the most important customs used frequently in various parts of the country since ancient times until the present time, where houses are fumigated by the incense of oud because of its distinctive and unique smell. It is the most important information about oud and incense and the most famous incense agarwood used in the Arabian Gulf and other information the task for incense.

Agarwood Incense

Agarwood is extracted from oud trees located in one of the countries producing oud, including (Malaysia – Indonesia – Thailand … etc.). Agarwood material is extracted from agarwood. The incense of oud is one of the most famous aromatic materials with very beautiful scents that are famous Its use in the Arab Gulf states. All other Arab countries, where the oud of incense was famous for its use from the old time all the way to the present time. The oud trade was one of the most important pillars of the state’s economy until the present time.

After extracting incense from the incense bakhoor  tree, which grows in abundance in Asian countries, through agarwood forests full of agarwood trees and incense trees, which are found in Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Cambodia, India, the Philippines, Laosy and other countries. They are prepared to sell them to their customers who love oud incense.

The quantity of agarwood and incense, as well as the names of oud agarwood incense varies from one country to another. The types of incense and their prices are determined by the quality of the oud and its features and availability in the market as well as the country of the product for the types of incense sticks and other things.

Oud is often fumigated when receiving guests by placing incense and oud on charcoal in the bakhoor incense burner of the oud and passing the censer over the guests one by one, and this indicates good hospitality and reception, and this custom is widespread in the Gulf countries.

The finest types of natural oud incense :

Cambodian agarwood incense :

Cambodian agarwood is considered one of the finest and most luxurious types of oud bakhoor at all. It is prepared from the preparation of Cambodian incense, which is one of the best types of agarwood incense that has great popularity among oud lovers and lovers looking for the rarest and best smells at all. It is brought from Cambodia and this type is characterized by its saturation with oud oil Covered by the very dark color, which means that it is one of the best types of oud, incense. Some have given it the title of the best oud incense. It is among the series of the most expensive types of incense in the world because it is very rare and Cambodian oud has types of them (luxurious Cambodian oud, super triple, royal oud, luxurious oud).

Incense agarwood Sioufi :

Sioufi agarwood is used in various public events and religious occasions, in the blessed month of Ramadan and also on the blessed Friday. It is one of the finest types of incense that its scent spreads all over and is proven for long periods with its refreshing scents. Zakia, which is an incense that smells stable, has a reasonable price, distinctive incense. Other features that make it one of the best types of incense in the list of names of the best types of incense recommended to have.

Indian agarwood incense

Among the series of the most beautiful types of incense, you have to acquire the Indian oud incense, which is considered one of the distinctive and rare types of incense sticks. The finest types of incense in the world that are located in the country of India and which Indians consider a sacred incense. They bring to their own god until it has become part of the daily rituals of perfuming with its scents. The government imposed Hindi strict restrictions and penalties to reduce its export in order to preserve the Indian forests from desertification and its color is more light brown. This oud has a heavy weight and distinctive smell that lasts longer than all types of incense and Indian incense is considered the best type of incense.

Moruki agarwood incense :

Moruki incense that is prepared from the Moruki oud is one of the best types of incense. It is one of the types of Indonesian oud popular among consumers and is extracted from eastern Indonesia, which is very popular among oud lovers. It is characterized by the Maruki Oud incense with a calm, beautiful aroma and its color is dark brown or light brown the color and when fumigating with it the aroma spreads all over what makes it the best incense incense for occasions recommended to have.

Sandalwood agarwood incense :

It is a sweet and cheap incense and its price is very suitable for many visitors. Sandal incense is considered one of the best types of incense sticks that are very popular among customers in various parts of the Arab countries. Sandalwood incense is extracted from sandalwood trees that grow in Asian countries, especially in the country of India and it is used In public events and homes due to its beautiful and fragrant aroma and its reasonable price, what makes it one of the best types of incense for the home and also the best incense for occasions as it is used in medicinal and therapeutic materials.

Clementan agarwood incense :

It is the sweet and attractive Clementan incense which is considered one of the best types of incense that is brought from Clementan from Indonesia. It is accepted for purchase by many customers from different parts of the Arab Gulf countries. On the place when fumigating with it, it is one of the most luxurious types of incense suitable for use on occasions.

Laosy agarwood incense :

Laosy oud incense is among the price list of the most expensive types of incense in the world. It is very expensive and is only acquired by the wealthy and princes due to the scarcity of its scarce presence in the oud market. Some consider it the most expensive incense stick in the world.

Incense agarwood Malaysia :

Malaysian agarwood incense is one of the wonderful types of oud incense and famous among oud lovers. It is characterized by the appropriate price and abundance in the oud market.  Malaysian agarwood varies according to its quality, smell and color and can be distinguished according to the forests extracted from it.

Vietnamese agarwood incense :

One of the wonderful types of agarwood and incense is the Vietnamese oud incense. It is one of the rare types of smoke because most of the Vietnamese oud is cultivated. Vietnamese oud is characterized by its calm smell, the right price, and good stability on the furniture of the house incense near me .

Burmese agarwood incense :

Burmese oud is distinguished by its different varieties. Its scents are usually similar to the smell of Indian oud. It is one of the best types of oud incense available, but the prices are somewhat high and its advantages are the cold and pleasant smell on the nose compared to some spicy oud scents. It is an incense for the body suitable for use incense near me .

Jawi agarwood incense :

Jawi incense is the best type of incense that you can buy at the lowest possible price. It is cheap and stable in smell and is extracted from the Indonesian island of Java, with its vast forests filled with the incense tree of oud, which is an incense of splendor and good when evaporating.