The benefits of raisins

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The benefits of raisins

ما فائدة الزبيب


Raisins are dried grapes that contain seeds that contain seeds found under natural sunlight. It is also considered one of the dried fruits, where the finest raisins are chosen from the luxurious grapes that have a coherent flesh, whether they contain seeds or not.
 This type of dried fruits contains many nutrients such as (vitamins, fiber, iron, calcium, boron, salts, antioxidants, carbohydrates, and polyphenols).
We can also find that all types of grapes in different colors and shapes are subject to drying, but the basic condition is that they contain high levels of sugar, iron and fiber, as the best types of dried grapes are those with a high sugar content of 90%.


What is the Yemeni raisin?




Yemen has been known for its cultivation of grapes since ancient times, and the most famous areas in Yemen are in the cultivation of grapes in the districts of Bani Hasheesh and Khawlan in Sana’a Governorate, depending on the monsoon rains.
Yemeni raisins are considered one of the best types found in the Arab and international markets because of their beneficial nutrients for the body and health.
It can be used in the treatment of many diseases. It can also be used in the health and skin care of women and for fattening. It is considered one of the best types in the world because it contains high nutritional and therapeutic benefits.


The most famous types of Yemeni raisins:


زبيب يمني


Yemeni raisin Razki :

Yemeni raisins are considered the best types of Yemeni raisins, which are characterized by medium size and light brown color or golden raisins. The medium size and light brown color of the golden raisins are considered one of the best types. Sugar content in this type is moderate.

Yemeni white raisins:

It is considered one of the Yemeni grapes and one of the best varieties, which is characterized by its large size and dark brown color.

Yemeni black raisins

black raisins is distinguished by its large size and dark black color, as it is considered the best-selling in the Arab Gulf in particular and the Arab world in general, as some call it (currant raisins), from which a drink can be made.


In what is used Yemeni raisins?


الزبيب اليمني


It can be used in many things can be directly in Medm Take it often does some dishes are added to the salt and dishes Alhloyat.eetm also used when cooking food so that added to the rice.
In addition, it is one of the important elements in the preparation of skin care products because of containing raisins to fatten the face of useful and rich elements of the skin bright, it contains a range of vitamins and dietary fiber and minerals that benefit the body.


What are the health benefits of raisins?


الزبيب وفوائده


  • Yemeni raisins have many benefits that work to get rid of toxins and treat the digestive system. It is considered a treatment for anemia because it contains iron.
  • Yemeni raisins have a lot of benefits because they contain many nutrients that help the body in promoting health, contribute to reducing the risk of disease, and help flush out toxins from the body.
  • The benefits of eating it also lie in strengthening the immunity of men and women. What are its benefits for women? What are the benefits for a man? What are the benefits of e for children?
  • Eating a little bit of it daily helps you achieve amazing health benefits – the following:
  • Anemia treatment:

Among its benefits for anemia is that it helps in the formation of red blood cells and protects against anemia, because it contains vitamin B to combat and treat anemia.

  • Improve digestion:

 It contains dietary fiber, which the body needs to avoid constipation and maintain the digestive system.

  • To nappy the skin:

benefits of raisins that Helps maintain healthy skin, protect it from aging, and improve hair and skin health.

  • Increase fertility for men:

Raisins help increase fertility in men and increase sperm motility, which leads to increased man’s ability to fertilize and conceive.

  • Anti-viral infection:

Among its benefits is that it also contains Resveratrol, which fights viruses in the blood.

  • It strengthens the teeth:

It helps protect teeth from erosion and decay because it contains oleanolic acid and protects against bacteria that cause tooth decay and gum disease.

  • Protection from heart disease:

One of the benefits of grape raisins is that it helps regulate blood pressure and prevent the risk of heart disease.

  • Improve eye health:

It protects the eye cells from the risk of developing visual disturbance and opacity of the eye because they contain antioxidants that protect the eye cells.


منافع الزبيب


  • Blood acidity equation:

sultanas raisins helps in neutralizing the acidity of the blood and preventing the occurrence of acid poisoning, because it contains potassium and magnesium, which are among the most important minerals that are available in raisins.

  • Cancer prevention:

It is considered a strong antagonist for some types of cancer such as (colon and prostate cancer and cells that manufacture melanin in the body) due to the presence of the substance resveratrol, which has distinctive anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Lowering blood sugar levels:

eat raisins helps regulate insulin levels for diabetics and may help reduce blood sugar levels.
It works to fight some diseases.

  • Maintains oral health:

It helps eliminate bacteria in the mouth, as it contains the Oleniolic compound.

  • Immune booster:

It helps to strengthen the immune system to resist diseases that afflict the body.

  • Raisins for pregnant women:

It contributes to stabilizing pregnancy among women and also provides the pregnant woman with the vital energy needed for the pregnant woman’s body.

  • Boosts memory power:

Among its benefits to memory is that it preserves memory, prevents dementia and premature aging, stimulates brain function, and reduces nervous states, stress and insomnia.

  • It strengthens the bones:

It helps in the growth of bones and protects against injury from osteoporosis because it contains potassium and boron.

  • Anti-thinness:

Fresh grape juice helps with weight gain. eat raisins increases weight without damaging cholesterol levels and facilitates the absorption of vitamins and proteins.


For pregnant women:


  • It was found that eating Yemeni raisins in a moderate way does not harm the pregnant woman, but rather contributes to protecting her from anemia and anemia, because it contains iron and vitamin C.
  • It contains other minerals such as potassium and magnesium, as drinking a cup of raisin juice contains many benefits that help prevent diseases.


Where we have the finest types of Yemeni raisins, which are distinguished by their sweet taste, which is preferred by everyone in the Arab Gulf countries and the Arabs who are present in all countries of the world.

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