Royal Samar Honey

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Royal Samar Honey


Samar natural honey is considered one of the best types of royal honey. Samar honey is extracted from the nectar of the flowers of the Samar tree (Al Talh). The flowers are perennials that grow in desert environments whose flowers bloom between early spring. Even the beginning of the summer. so, that honey bees begin to feed on the nectar of this tree to produce the finest and purest types of honey.

Samar honey properties

Samar honey liquid is known in the form of its dark red color slanting to a black color and the comfort of the good source. The original honey contains a high nutritional value. For the Samar honey wax that everyone benefits from. Moreover, It enjoys its delicious taste and benefits from its health benefits for the stomach, mouth, and teeth.

Royal Samar honey is recommended by doctors because it helps to strengthen the immune system. Eating natural tamarind honey gives you free vaccinations against diseases and to prevent them. There are many types of tamarind honey, including Omani sour honey.

What are the advantages of royal Samar honey?

    • The density of the original Samar honey is high and it has a lower viscosity than Sidr honey.
    • Samar honey is characterized by its high nutritional value and multiple benefits for adults and children.
    • The natural tamarind honey is characterized by its dark red color.
    • Samar honey contains vitamins and nutrients with high nutritional value. proteins in addition to prostaglandins that are important for the immune system.
    • The natural Samar honey has a strong aromatic smell. The best types of Samar honey have a strong smell.
    • The original Samar honey vip contains a lot of beneficial nutrients similar to royal jelly.


     The benefits of Samar honey

    Hence, we will show you the therapeutic importance of Samar Yemeni honey for the body. The benefits of Samar honey for pregnant women. How Samar honey is used for the skin and its benefits for the body and skin.

    • Benefits of honey Samar honey for dental health and tooth protection from decay.
    • Eating honey Samar an empty stomach helps improve the functions of the immune system of the body. so, for whoever suffers from influenza. Honey with lemon is the solution, as well as for those suffering from weak bones or any of the diseases that affect the body.
    • It is included in medicinal drugs because it contains important elements that treat. do not stop resistance, just like some foods.
    • The benefits of Samar honey for the digestive system are that it rid the body of toxins. It treats stomach germs and stomach ulcers. Eliminating diseases that affect the stomach.
    • It works in the treatment of colon disorders almost continuously. Samar honey for colon works to calm the irritated colon, which suddenly hurts.
    •  The Yemeni honey is used for hair. Samar honey treats hair breakage, hair loss, and damage. Also, contributes to Samar honey. It extends the hair and softens the hair. Two tablespoons of honey and a mashed banana are mixed together well. It placed on the scalp for five minutes, then the hair is washed with water only. Coconut oil or olive oil once a week is sufficient.

    more benefits of Samar honey

    • Original Samar natural honey helps flush out toxins and harmful bacteria from the body and treat diseases.
    • Samar honey for the heart muscle. It contains a large percentage of glucose, which increases the strength of the heart muscle and eliminates heart problems.
    • The importance of Samar honey for the respiratory system and bronchitis. Also, Samar honey can be consumed for bronchitis on a daily basis.
    • The benefits of Samar honey VIP for a pregnant woman can eat an amount of Samar honey to provide her with the energy she needs to continue her day. It maintains the health of the pregnant woman usually.
    • Benefits of Samar Honey Samar honey helps improve kidney function. Also, it benefits the kidneys, improves their performance. It expels toxins from the body.
    • Honey Samar benefits for energy as it treats impotence.
    • Samar honey for diabetics and for blood pressure. Also, Samar honey contributes to reducing osteoporosis and increasing bone strength because it contains calcium.
    • The most important benefit of black honey Samer honey in strengthening the lymphatic system. It protects the body from many diseases because it contains antioxidants that contribute to the elimination of diseases. Natural honey also contains antioxidants.

     The price of Samar honey

    Contact us if you want to buy in bulk or looking for the most expensive type of honey Samar honey, or any product information.

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