The best types of Yemeni honey | The original Yemeni honey prices

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العسل اليمني

The best types of Yemeni honey | The original Yemeni honey prices

Yemeni honey is one of the most famous types of honey in the world and the best one with a good reputation and very great fame are this honey with high values ​​and endless health benefits. This type is considered one of the most expensive types of honey because of the very excellent quality of honey, due to the diversity of the Yemeni climate and terrain that affects the quality of honey and makes it very excellent.


Royal honey from Yemen

Honey is extracted and produced from several Yemeni governorates. Honey is extracted from deserts and mountains in which desert trees grow, such as Sidr trees, talcum, and cans, where bees feed on them to produce honey. There are many types of honey that are popular among honey lovers, as its benefits are many and cannot be counted. We will show you information about honey and its types in the following topic:


The names of Yemen’s honey | The finest types of Yemeni honey


Yemeni Sidr Honey


عسل السدر الاصلي

Yemeni Sidr honey is considered one of the finest and most expensive types of honey and it is widely used in the Arab Gulf countries. Sidr honey is useful and nutritious honey. As the royal Sidr honey is the honey that bees produce as a result of eating the nectar and food from very small Sidr flowers before these flowers turn into fruits in the Sidr trees. Mountain Sidr honey is considered luxurious honey. The Yemeni Sidr tree is a species of thistle that grows in mountains and arid deserts. The original Yemeni Sidr honey is pure and pure honey. Many honey Sidr is the best honey exported from Yemen. Many honey lovers flock to buy Sidr honey. Among the benefits of Sidr honey:

  • Reducing blood sugar.
  • Treating erectile dysfunction problems.
  • Treating anemia and other diseases.

There are also many benefits of Yemeni Sidr honey that you can see through the following Yemeni Sidr honey.


Yemeni Doani Honey

One of the best types of honey in Yemen is Doani honey. Sidr Doani honey is extracted from the Sidr trees, which are a member of the Thistle family, which grow in valleys, deserts, arid lands, and mountains. It is known as mountain honey and is extracted from the Doan Valley in the Yemeni Hadramawt governorate. Yemeni Doani honey is distinguished by the pungent taste that distinguishes it from others. It contains many medicinal and therapeutic benefits. It is a healthy and highly nutritious food that carries many vitamins that make it one of the unique preventive medical treatments.


Al-Osaimi honey

Also, one of the finest types of honey in the world is Al-Osaimi Al-Yamani. It is characterized by the perfect unparalleled flavor and taste. Osaimi mountain honey is one of the purest types of mountain honey. Al-Osaimi honey is extracted from the Al-Osaimat region in Yemen. it is also called Al-Osaimat honey and it is preferred by many consumers because it provides them with energy and activity away from the influence of harmful chemical drugs. It also carries many health and therapeutic benefits for the human body.


Samar honey from Yemen

One of the types of honey popular with consumers is Samar honey. This type is known for its high value and high nutrients, and it is suitable honey for adults and children due to the speed of digestion in the stomach.


White honey | Hungary honey

White honey is one of the best types of Yemeni honey, which is one of the varieties of natural honey that is produced from the nectar of the mountain sorbet trees. These trees are spread in the mountains of Ibb province. It is also distinguished from other types of honey by its white color. This type of honey contains many nutritional fibers, minerals, and vitamins that are beneficial to the body.


Yemeni Almarai Honey

Yemeni honey is very famous, and one of the popular types of honey is Yemeni Almarai honey. It is considered one of the natural types of honey that is produced throughout the year when raising bees, as bees graze from different flowers and trees to produce this distinctive honey. The price of Almarai honey is also distinguished by its not expensive and affordable for everyone.


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