Yemeni Coffee

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Yemeni Coffee

Yemeni  coffee is one of the most important Yemeni products that have a great reputation. It is admired by many customers from different parts of the world, the Arab Gulf countries, and the Middle East countries.
Coffee beans are also considered one of the best international products and one of the Yemeni cash crops since ancient times and even in recent years.


البن اليمني

Since ancient times, the coffee industry is one of the most famous agricultural products. The importance of this product lies in its quality, despite the lack of production of coffee farms in Yemen or al mokha compared to other regions in the world, but its quality makes it the favorite drink for many.


The place of Yemeni coffee among the types of Arabic coffee

It is considered one of the best types of Arabic coffee. coffee beans occupy a high and prestigious position in the list of the best types of coffee in the world.  The coffee from Yemen is widely admired by connoisseurs. Also, it is exported to all parts of the world and the Arab Gulf countries in particular and large in the world.


Yemeni coffee tree

The state of Yemen is the only country in which the coffee tree grows in changing climatic conditions that are receptive and different from other types. The coffee plant is cultivated in other countries of the world.
However, al mokha achieved wide and very great fame due to the excellent and high quality of coffee and the wonderful flavor that Bin Yemen possesses, which is unparalleled. The coffee from Yemen is one of the oldest types of coffee in the world.


What distinguishes Yemeni coffee

The coffee that is prepared from Yemeni coffee is distinguished by its delicious flavor and unique taste that cannot be obtained from any other coffee. you will only get it from the coffee tree.
It has its own flavor that only coffee lovers and lovers would discover.


Yemeni coffee photos

Coffee farms in Yemen

Coffee is grown in Yemen by primitive methods that the Yemeni farmer inherited from his ancient ancestors in Yemen. Its cultivation is spread in different regions and regions, especially valleys where the climate is humid and warm, in addition to mountain terraces and foothills.
There are many of them and we will mention the most admired months in the global markets and the best ever.


Types of Yemeni coffee

اسماء البن اليمني
  • Bin Matari:

One of the best-known types of Yemeni coffee is rain coffee, which is produced from the Bani Matar District – Sana’a, which is grown on mountain terraces and in valleys.

  • Burai:

It is considered one of the finest varieties that are produced from the Bura region in Al Hudaydah governorate. It is cultivated on mountain terraces. It is also characterized by low caffeine and high levels of sugars and fats.

  • Bin Khawlani:

Khawlani coffee is one of the best world-famous Yemeni coffee. It is extracted from the Khawlan district of Yemen from trees that are cultivated in mountainous areas.
Khawlani coffee has the highest percentage of sales in Yemen. Some consumers consider it the best Yemeni coffee ever

  • Ben Annecy:

It is considered one of the best varieties that are produced in Yemen. It is extracted from Anas District – Dhamar Governorate

  • Bin Harazi:

It is produced in Manakhah District – Sana’a Governorate. It is one of the best types of coffee

  • Bin Ismaili:

One of the best-known types of coffee in Yemen, which is produced in Manakhah District – Islah Bani Ismail – Sana’a Governorate

  • Bin Yafei:

It is one of the most expensive species in Yemen that is extracted from the Yafa region, located in the northeast of Aden Governorate. It is grown in the Yafa’i area, along the mountain terraces and in the embrace of valleys, where the warm, humid climate is far from the dry winds and hot sunlight.

 Yemeni coffee peel:

It is also known as al-qishr coffee and is characterized by a completely different taste. It is prepared by soaking its peels. Also, coffee Yemeni is considered one of the oldest and cheapest Yemeni types of coffee. Yemeni peel is known to all cities of Yemen and is very common in the countryside and villages.


Method of production of Yemeni coffee

The delicious coffee is produced through the traditional and ancient processes that are passed down through the generations, namely:

It is dried under the sun on rooftops, in addition to modern dryers. Many types of coffee like green coffee are prepared in the traditional way to ensure the very excellent quality desired.
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Benefits of Yemeni coffee

قهوة البن اليمني
  • Mountain coffee contains antioxidants, which include nutrients and fiber that fight many bacteria and diseases.
  • A cup of coffee stimulates the nervous system, reduce excessive appetite, and combat drowsiness.
  • Reducing the feeling of pain resulting from muscle contractions resulting from the exercise.
  • The green coffee helps increase the efficiency of insulin in the body, as it reduces blood sugar.


Yemeni coffee price

البن اليمني


Its prices differ from one place to another. The price of coffee from yemen is determined according to the areas where it is grown in Yemen or the areas from which it is extracted.
There are other areas in Yemen where production is in small quantities so that the coffee industry is not available in the market in the required quantities and with the same quality.


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